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Description: Mucus Fest is the annual music festival, hosted by SiKK Magazine, that showcases promising Black, up and coming artists SiKK have worked with throughout the year.


At Mucus Fest, you will find exclusive clothing and art from some of the best creators in the around the world, as well as limited edition merchandise from SiKK Gear.


Mucus Fest is a celebration of Black artistry, Black pride and Black community. Mucus Fest is open to all ages. 


Thank you for your support!

Mucus Fest 2019: 

Photos by Jon Logan 

Videos by Domonique Green 

Mucus Fest 2020:

Mucus Fest 2020 Official Recap video. Watch to see live footage from Mucus Fest 2020, as well as exclusive interviews from performers, including Kill Switch, Lil Dude Luciano and Baby Kahlo.

Video by Domonique Green