Our Mission 

SiKK Nation, formerly just SiKK Magazine, was created on November 1, 2019, by a our founder, Nadira Jamerson. As a student at Howard University, Nadira was exposed to the Black artist community--a community which, although filled with talented and dedicated artists, often goes unnoticed. Inspired by her peers, Nadira founded SiKK Magazine to highlight all of the creativity she witnessed on her campus and in the Washington, DC community. Since its founding, SiKK Magazine has grown into SiKK Nation, now reaching and including differing artists from all around the world. 

Now, our mission remains to highlight Black creativity in a positive way, so that we can inspire aspiring Black artists to believe in and follow their creative passions. We strive to educate about, and advocate, for the expansion of Black people in all fields of art. We believe that the arts have the ability to strengthen and progress the world at large, if all people are given equal opportunity to participate in it.

You can follow us on Instagram @sikkmagazine and @mucusfest for more. 

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